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4G speeds in the subway

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  • 3. October 2014


2G, 3G and 4G in metro wagons

Telenor, NetCom and Tele2 or taking part in upgrading of the network in the tunnel network in Oslo. There will be a total of 46 km with a cable type that functions as a transmitter whose signals are being sent continuously inside the tunnels. The antenna unit consists of leakage cables on both sides of the tunnel walls and conveys the 2G, 3G and 4G into the subway cars.

Time consuming upgrade

The upgrade of Oslo’s metro railway system is time consuming. For every 20 meters cables must be bolted into the wall, in an area of over 44,000 meters underground. Work may only be performed when the tunnels are closed, and that is about 4 hours at night.

4G is already on the Grorud line

Already in January the first stretch of 4G on the Grorud line opened. This stretch was closed last fall, due to that the work could be done continuously and the upgrade went faster.

Now 4G coverage at even more places

The biggest upgrade for most travelers is happening in these days. Quick mobile net should place in August in the tunnel between Majorstuen and Grønland, on the stretch between Ullevål stadium and Storo and Furuset line between Tveita and Ellingsrudåsen. TU has been out and tested downtown in the intersections, , and can confirm that data transfer rapidly.

Even more stretches of 4G networks in Decembery

Lørenbanen between Carl Berners plass and Sinsen, and the section between Grønland, Tøyen and Carl Bernes plass. Østensjøbanen (line 3) to Mortensrud have to wait until 2015.
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