Mobile services and subscriptions are something everyone can relate to. That is why many of our partners have chosen to become mobile operators and sell mobile subscriptions. Some are mobile start-ups, aiming to challenge the established order in the mobile sector. Some are enterprises from other industries that see offering mobile services as an opportunity to get ahead of their competitors.

Our partners can focus solely on sales and marketing
eRate has made it extremely easy for you to become a mobile operator. Our services are currently used by a number of well-known companies. We take care of everything, from network access and operation, through data collection to customer billing. All our partners need to think about is the marketing and sale of their products and services. We look after the rest.

We give you the tools to become more competitive
eRate’s up-to-date, flexible system enables our partners to get to market fast and respond rapidly to any changes the competition may make. Our system handles complex bundles of products and services, as well as a variety of different pricing models and strategies. eRate is always ready to give our partners the best opportunities to increase their competitiveness. We also offer scalable prices from day one, so costs reflect the number of end customers.

Mobile services in addition to your core business
Adding mobile services to your core business offering could not be easier. Most established companies already have an organisation that takes care of sales and marketing. Since the logistics of customer management are already in place, mobile services can easily be added to the existing product range. eRate’s Rating and Billing System can take care of the data flow for both your core business and your new mobile services.

More flexible bundling of products and services
Your overall offering must be more interesting and better than your competitors’. Bundling core products together with mobile services is a powerful competitive strategy. Several of our partners sell mobile services in addition to their core business offerings in order to become the preferred and most attractive vendor in their sectors. These partners can apply pricing strategies and models that are different from their competitors’. For example, a mobile subscription could be sold as part of a bundle that includes the supply of electricity, banking services or insurance. Companies with a large customer base have a lot to gain by becoming more relevant to their customers and preventing customer defections.

Ready to create added value for your customers?
If this sounds interesting, let’s arrange a meeting to discuss how we can work together to create added value.

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