Complex Billing and Customer Management System

eRate Billing & CMS is a full -featured system for billing and an effective real-time tool for customer relationship and customer service management. It is designed to allow quick integration to a wide range of third parties.

Complicated tasks – simple solutions

eRate Billing & CMS facilitates the running of a business with large or complex transaction volumes. The system simplifies the process of pricing and compilation of billing statements. It has tools to minimize the sources of error in the billing process, from input of transaction data to the text on the invoice. Features include monthly cost control and spending limits making it safer and simpler for the recipient of the invoice.

eRate is part of the value chain that handles your data volumes

eRate delivers a standard systems tailored to our customer’s needs. The system allied with developed methods monitor traffic flows between supplier, reseller and end customer. Everything is in a single system facilitating consistent high quality outcomes.

Your insurance against loss of income

eRate Billing & CMS manages the complete customer cycle. From the creation of a customer, customer relationship management, collecting data, pricing of transactions, 24/7 real-time pricing, the cost collection of all services and clear invoicing all aspects are comprehensively covered. Naturally the system captures anomalies and reports discrepancies continuously.

Illustration: eRate handle your data volumes from customer registration to final invoice to the customer.

The invoice – an important product

Illustration: Everything collected in a single invoice with your design.

eRate has flexible solutions for invoice appearance and product presentation. We deliver an invoice to your design. Further adding additional fees or services through the customer management system will be captured by the billing system with all additional costs appearing on the same invoice. We can distribute invoices directly to printing houses, via email from our system or electronically as e2b/b2b-invoices in a range of formats.

Preserving your cash flow

eRate Billing & CMS provides you flexibility in pricing of transactions, products and/or fees. The system gives you the freedom to manage individual customers with specific charges, pricing plans and billing texts. eRate will customize the system to suit your cash flow needs and has features to support dunning and debt collection. The system also handles taxes, supplier assessments, discounts, lock-in periods, commission calculations and subscription management.

Adaptable Partner

We are adaptable to the needs of your business in the provision of support to our product and in our range of key enabling services of system implementation, integration, technical consulting, project management and training.

Invite eRate to assess your unique challenges and provide an insight into how our billing and customer management systems can provide profit enhancing solutions..

Core functionality