Consulting and implementation

eRate Consulting offers independent technical consultancy to all businesses that have or need a billing and customer management. Our consultants offer long experience and deep technical expertise in rating/mediation, invoice generation, systems integration and 3rd part functions. We aim for the simplest solution whether it is for large established companies or for start ups.

Lead to Your Success

eRate has many years of experience and extensive expertise in technical project management and consulting. We can provide detailed concepts on how to enhance profitability by better exploiting current systems, or the introduction of new systems. We will then project manage the delivery of these concepts to cost and time and ensuring that they deliver the expected benefits.

Specialists at good solutions to complex tasks

eRate Consulting has deep expertise in automation, streamlining and simplification of operations of the billing process. We will enhance business profitability by optimizing processes and exploitation of corporate systems.

Technical expertise

Technical expertise
eRate Consulting specialists deliver solutions to your complex technical tasks. Our consultants have access to our skilled technical employees and therefore have access to a large and highly specialized group covering the full range systems and integrations that are part of the solution to your complex tasks.

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Optimize and simplify

There are other companies with systems that handle all or elements of rating, billing and customer management processes. eRates competitive advantage is in its detailed understanding of its own system, willingness to adapt to reflect customer needs and continuously striving for simplification and optimization.. All tasks can simplified and improved in order to improve quality and reduce the likelihood of errors. Manual operations can be automated releasing resources, reducing costs and increasing productivity. Automating processes minimizes errors and leads to better quality. eRate offer their expertise to companies who want to simplify and streamline their billing process.

Extensive experience with small and large

We have recently seen a strong focus on strengthening eRate Consulting and currently have responsibility for project management in several countries. We can show results from small and large projects with varying complexity, for both large established companies as well as start ups.