Economies of scale and cost-friendly models

Our expertise and in place agreements give our customers a competitive advantage, fast profitability through economies of scale that would otherwise not be available. We offer a low start up cost, cost models tailored to customer growth, expertise and tailored complex systems which are simple to use for billing and customer management.

Cost effective

eRate has removed the investment threshold to see your ideas realized in a number of markets. Through eRate Enabling, we give customers the opportunity to get started with very low start up costs, cost only growing when the customer grows. You do not have to invest in expensive hardware and licenses. Running costs follow business growth by being a factor of the amount of transactions processed in the system.

Be competitive from day one

We are your partner, and support you throughout the process. You can control and manage the implementation or eRate Consulting can manage the entire process while control lies with your company. Once delivered, we maintain the system functionality and are responsible for its optimized operation. This allows you to focus on marketing and selling your products/services.

Full control of 3rd party integrations

eRate Billing & CMS is both a complex and flexible billing system and a complete customer management system. In addition, it is tailored to handle all 3rd party integrations such as credit check, webshop, banking and debt collection to name but a few.

Illustration: eRate offers
cost models
tailored to customer growth

eRate removes the market entry thresholds

The investment threshold to enter various industries can be high, and may include procuring systems, hiring technical resources and establishing agreements with suppliers and other partners. The start up process can also be time consuming and requires a great deal of human, as well as financial, resources. eRate gives you access to already established agreements, systems (eRate Billing & CMS) and the people to initiate and complete the start up process and quickly establish an optimised operation.

End to end billing supplier in the electricity and telecommunications markets

eRate provides a one stop billing, provisioning and customer management solution for all companies, and roles within the electricity and telecommunications industries. eRate services include every aspect from initial setup or migration to the daily operation of the system. For those who planning to enter the telecoms market there is also access to existing eRate agreements with ISPs further reducing startup cost and provide access to economies of scale discounts from day one.