Energy Services

The energy industry needs strong innovative vendors, that can adapt quickly to changing requirements, and who are able to develop their products in line with the market. eRate specializes in billing and customer service. We handle large volumes of data, and deliver our services with a simple user interface. eRate also provides self-service portals such as My Page and Mobile App with key features for improving customer satisfaction and reducing internal costs.

Customized system for power suppliers

The energy industry has been using complex CIS (Customer Information System) solutions for a long time. eRate offers a solution with more effective product solutions for power suppliers. The platform allows adding third party products helping you build stronger loyalty and profit.

Outsource your billing process to eRate

eRate has broad experience in handling all data collection and invoice processing for our customers. Our customers can concentrate on their core business while eRate handles the invoicing. Our team of experienced people ensures that all processes related to billing and invoicing are carried out on a daily basis. We also integrate directly with debt collection agencies, accounting systems and CRM solutions, making it easy to get the best out of your customer experience.

eRate Online service

eRate Online is a web-based tool for handling support tickets and development cases. eRate Online gives our customers a complete overview of all ongoing support and development tasks, as well as cost estimate approval and review. Different access levels optimize the way you secure and control all tasks. eRate Online is a part of our standard SLA.

Custom interfaces for customer management

The customer is the focus of our interface. All communication are stored on the customer card, making it easy to provide individualized customer care. eRate Billing Management facilitates the combination of several products, prices and service solutions for different customer segments. It is possible to invoice energy on its own, or to include products such as mobile, broadband, TV, insurance or smart home products.

We automate and simplify the ordering processes (including credit checks) to facilitate for self-service signup. Data can be easily retrieved from the system for presentation on My Page. There is also a feature for sending SMS and email in the system.

eRate Cloud Service

eRate Billing Management are delivered as a cloud service to ensure high availability and flexibility. There is no need for local installation of servers and software. Multiple levels of access is available to accommodate different user groups.

Several brands or companies can run on the same platform, all managed within the same user interface. eRate focus on automated processes and workflows to reduce errors and increase the level of customer service. Solutions and features can be adapted to the needs of different customers to ensure efficient operation, reduced costs and satisfied customers.

Feel free to contact us

Vidar Myrer, Head of the Energy Department at eRate, will answer your questions on telephone +47 408 00 090 or by email vidar(at)