Payments and Debt Collection

Outstanding receivables are unfortunately a part of everyday life. eRate Billing Management provides opportunities for many different ways to process customer reminders up to the point when debt collection begins. Of course, this depends on which customer priority and segmentation you have chosen in the system.


Through integration with banks and card providers, eRate has, at any given time an updated list of payments linked to an individual invoice. Any transfer to external accounting systems is possible through APIs and web services.

Credit Card Payments

eRate offers solutions for payments via credit card, both in terms of auto payment for invoices and for filling calling credit. A credit card integration is also a necessary feature when offering pre-paid products and services.

Debt Collection

eRate can process reminders via SMS/email and letter, (via print provider), all the way up to debt collection. Our system has direct integration with collection agencies when we process reminders. We offer our own affordable collection services or we can integrate with existing suppliers. The system will always show the correct invoice status on the customer card.