In October eRate was in Stuttgart and Berlin and met with parts of the German energy industry. There is great interest in Norwegian end customer technology and especially in EV-charging and traditional sales of electricity. Norway is considered a highly developed market, and eRate’s experience related to both mobile and energy were appreciated.

Great interest in eRate’s concepts
In Stuttgart eRate met the European environment for electric cars at the EVS30 (Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition). EVS30 is Europe’s largest electric car show and collects over 350 exhibitors and more than 25,000 visitors. Vidar Myrer, Commercial Manager for Energy in eRate, presented our concepts to a wide audience and experienced a lot of interest. eRate also gained exciting experiences from the German market that grows very quickly, as well as from many other European countries.

eRate – an innovation company
eRate participated in Berlin at the annual energy conference organized by the Norwegian embassy in Germany and Innovation Norway. eRate was one of 2 innovation companies from Norway. Nearly 200 persons from the German energy industry participated. They also appreciated the insights they learned in how Norwegian industry can contribute to the development of the German energy market, including the EV-charging market.

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