Billing Management

There are many processes and tasks to be carried out from receiving usage data to the production of an invoice to the end user. This is referred to as the billing process. eRate Billing Management handles all aspects of this important process.

Quality assurance at all levels

Input data needs to be checked and verified, products and prices must be quality assured and maintained, and all invoice lines must be reviewed and approved. eRate handles all these processes for our customers as a normal part of daily operations.

Ledger and invoice production

eRate is responsible for the production of the invoice sources and invoice files no matter which distribution channel is used. We receive payment files for updated ledgers in eRate Billing Management. All file exchange is monitored and controlled by our operations department. Our customers receive reports on all transactions according to their needs and desires.

Flexible system for collection

eRate can offer tailored dunning steps and reminders for unpaid invoices. Our system handles reminders via, SMS, email and letter through our printing partner. eRate ensures that all dunning steps are executed on a daily basis.

Integration with third parties

eRate is accustomed to complex and comprehensive billing processes whereby the invoice data comes from several different sources; other network operators, web shops or third party products. All data from these different sources can easily be included in our system and billed on the same invoice.

Credit card payment

eRate offers solutions for payments via credit card, both in terms of auto payment for invoices and for filling calling credit. A credit card integration is also a necessary feature when offering pre-paid products and services.