Data Collection

We know how to preserve and present large amounts of data to our customers

eRate provides complete systems tailored to our customers’ needs and desires. We have developed systems and methods, which monitor traffic flow between supplier, reseller and end user.

Insurance against loss of valuable revenue

eRate safeguards all data throughout the entire customer cycle; all the way from creation of the customer in the system, through data collection, rating and pricing of transactions. The system also captures any missing records of customer data and continuously reports deviations.

Automatic workflows

Instead of having several different work processes, eRate incorporates everything in the same system. This way we help our customers save time and resources while eliminating sources of error. All processes run automatically; address/credit checks, network provisioning, alerts and notifications, invoicing and reporting.

Rating and Billing

eRate receives data from a variety of suppliers and perform rating and pricing in real time. We accommodate all types of data regardless of the complexity and quantity. All usage is immediately available for the end user on My Page and/or in the Mobile App.