eRate Cloud Service

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eRate Billing Management is built on an open and modern platform and provided as a cloud service. There is a full-featured system for billing and an efficient real-time tool for managing customer relations and customer service. Cloud services provide you with access to the system wherever you are; and is scalable in terms of the number of accesses and availability.

Save money with cloud services

eRate customers do not need a locally installed system or installation of hardware. This greatly reduces investment costs and implementation time as there is no need for expensive servers, additional licensing costs and enhanced IT skills. Operating costs are predictable and competitive.

eRate handle all operations 24/7

eRate handles all on-going operations and support on our solutions. Cloud services are always available and eRate monitors all processes such as integrations, servers, web solutions, databases and networks 24/7. This means that your company can stay focused on your core business.

Flexible and high availability

Availability of billing and customer systems is always vital. eRate Cloud Service provides maximum uptime and is available where the customer wants it – all the time. Our customers will always have access to the latest version of the software. It is easy to set up different access levels and enable logging for security purposes. Redundant backup storage secures all data and ensures availability.