eRate collects everything in one single invoice, fixed costs, running costs, partial payments, third party products and any credits. Everything is collected on the customer card and in one transparent invoice with the selected layout.

The invoice – an important service

eRate offers flexible solutions for layout, invoice text and how products are presented. We set up the invoice according to the design you prefer. We produce the invoice formats on paper (through printing houses), via email from our system or electronically as EHF (e2b/B2B invoices in different formats).

Billing cycles

The customer base can be divided and billed at different times and in different formats. For example, divide customers into two groups and allow for billing every 14 days to improve the cash flow. The invoice format can also differentiate between different customer groups.

Cost control and billing notification

eRate offers cost control and high usage notifications; key features to help the end customer avoid unexpected and high invoice amounts. Notifications can be sent via email and SMS, informing the customers when a given threshold is reached. Different thresholds can be set for different products and services.

Improved customer service

Combining the flexibility of layout, content, distribution and usage notification eRate provides a solution for customized and customer friendly invoicing. Customers can receive the invoice at their desired frequency (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually) and format (email, paper) and receive notifications by email or SMS.