Sales Channels and Customer Service

eRate facilitates different sales channels to reach the market. Customer registration takes place either directly in the system, via the API or through web interfaces.

Online registration allows customers to register themselves or to go through various resellers. The system supports features such as credit and address checks, which aid in simplifying a complete registration.

Different resellers can also register different products and services for the end user. The system provides the basis for calculating commission when sellers log in with their personal code.

Credit check and welcome letter

eRate Billing Management supports features such as automatic credit and address checks to ensure a complete registration. Welcome letters and signup confirmations are sent automatically to the customer by paper, email or SMS.

Workflow processes and customer communication

All companies have different ways of dealing with their clients. Terms and conditions may vary between different products and customer groups. It is often preferable to distinguish between private, corporate and VIP customers when it comes to establishing customer relationships, notices and termination conditions.

Various welcome letters, subscription restrictions, SMS notifications and invoice reminders are examples of features that many like to use in order to differentiate customer categories and product groups.

eRate Billing Management allows several workflow processes for different products and customer groups. The system also support all the features mentioned and makes it easy to plan the customer communication.

Customer Relationship Management

eRate facilitates the work for customer service by keeping history and call logs for all changes and customer inquiries.

All customer information and history, regarding usage and invoice archiving, are accessible from the same interface, and one can see the status of all subscriptions and services. A separate function puts incoming email and SMS directly on the customer card. Changes such as termination, activation and update of personal information are easily accessible.