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Fiber on the upswing with the cloud in sight

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  • 26. May 2014

Fiber-i-skyen_eRate“On New Year’s Day-2014 roughly 1.8 million private households had fixed broadband subscriptions. Of these about 470,000 are connected by fiber, an increase of nearly 80,000 in the year” Post and Telecommunications stated on its website.

More and more companies connected by fiber, but are they getting the expected high speed

The proportion of businesses connected by fiber has increased by 7500, to 27,000. Despite over 20% of business now having fiber not all are subscribing to high speed connectivity. In 2012 45% of companies with fiber were getting speeds of under ten Mbit / s in 2012 compared to 30.3 percent today . While the trend is improving it still means that around 30% of companies with fiber are not getting or exploiting the speeds that they could be getting.

Cloud services

“There is a growing trend to move from locally hosted to cloud based solutions for the range of software/hardware solutions including; software, business services, data storage and the use of video, both in real time and training in companies ” says Marina Lønning, head of corporate market at Telenor Norway .

Data usage increased by 42 per cent over two years

“Over the last two years, data usage in the enterprise market increased by 42 percent” continued Marina Lønning. The growing reliance on cloud-based storage creates the need for higher upload speeds and increasing the demand on the fiber network.

Development of fiber network

The rate that Telenor is developing their fiber network leads Lønning to say “Our high speed fiber and broadband services will ensure companies are ready for tomorrow’s digital solutions.”