In November, eRate wrote about constantly increasing mobile data traffic in Norway. It still increases shows data from the Norwegian Communication Authority. The net operators Telenor and Telia in Norway introduced “Roam like home” in 2016. This meant that all data traffic in the EU / EEA area was included in the subscription for their end users. The effect is close to four times more of data usage for Norwegians abroad since 2015. In 2016, Norwegians used 3400 terabytes (3.4 petabytes) abroad and only 800 in 2015.

Mobile data increases with video contents

Data traffic is also increasing in Norway. In 2016 Norwegians spent about 157 peta byte, including roaming the total was more than 160 petabyte. Ericsson Mobility Report refers to the trend of increased video streaming on the mobile device as the reason we consume more mobile data than before. Worldwide, there is a growing number of subscriptions to smartphones that increase mobile data usage.

50 percent increase in video traffic per year

Ericsson Mobility Report estimates that data traffic will increase by 10-time by 2022. They assume that an average smartphone user will spend 22 GB per month in Western Europe and 25 GB in North America in five years. This estimate comes from the expectation of a 50 percent increase in video traffic per year. Ericsson expect that in 2022, video traffic will account for 75 percent of all mobile data traffic.

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