If your business model is under pressure, you are struggling to increase market share or are finding it difficult to retain existing customers, you should consider starting as a mobile operator. Mobile services and subscriptions are something everyone can relate to. Many of our partners have chosen to become mobile operators because they realise that selling mobile subscriptions will give them a competitive edge in their core business. Luckily, becoming a mobile operator with eRate could not be easier.

Stronger brand awareness
Our partners differentiate themselves from their competitors, at the same time as they protect and strengthen their original business model. Becoming a mobile operator makes them seem more interesting to their customers, more innovative and creative, while giving them a higher profile outside their own sector. Our partners’ customers perceive them as more relevant than their competitors, which reinforces customer loyalty, improves customer retention and boosts the bottom line.

Outshine the competition
Selling mobile services and subscriptions in addition to your own core offering gives you a powerful competitive advantage. Since it is the combination of products and services that constitutes the core of a business’s competitiveness, your overall offering must be more interesting and more relevant to the customer than your competitors’. Several of our partners sell mobile services in addition to their core business offering in order to stand out as the go-to vendor in their industry. Mobile customers receive regular invoices, allowing the vendor to establish closer contacts and develop stronger relations with each individual user.

More flexible bundling of products and services
Bundling core products together with mobile services is a powerful, yet cost-effective strategy. Our partners can apply pricing strategies and models that are different from their competitors’. For example, a mobile subscription could be sold as part of a bundle that includes the supply of electricity, banking services or insurance. Companies with a large customer base have a lot to gain from the sale of mobile services, which allows them not only to differentiate themselves from their competitors but also to become more attractive to their customers.

Becoming a mobile operator is easy
We have made it easy for you to become a mobile operator. eRate takes care of everything, from network access and operation, through data collection to customer billing. All our partners need to think about is the marketing and sale of their products and services. We look after the rest.

Ready to create a competitive edge and boost sales revenues?
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