The most competitive vendor is generally the one that its end customers find the most relevant. But because it can be hard to implement the far-reaching changes needed to achieve the desired effect, many companies opt instead to make small changes to their business model, tweaking the price or content a little bit here or a little bit there. Sadly, this rarely results in any major improvement in the company’s competitiveness.

Become more relevant to your own customers
Becoming a mobile operator is easy. Only a radical change will differentiate you from your competitors, improve your competitiveness and make you more relevant to your customers.

Boost your brand and strengthen your customer relations
Mobile services and subscriptions are something most people can relate to. By providing a broader range of products that more closely meet your customers’ needs, you will be perceived as a more relevant vendor. Customers will have more reasons to choose you, while you can encourage their loyalty by offering them a better price. We give our partners the opportunity to bundle different products, services and prices in ways that none of the traditional mobile operators can match. The end customer benefits from relevant offers, Telenor coverage, better prices and only one vendor and one invoice.

It is easy to become a mobile operator with eRate
We supply a complete mobile operator solution, with Telenor coverage, that is tailored to our partner and the partner’s business. eRate manages all the necessary platforms and has network agreements for traffic with sub-suppliers. All you need to think about is marketing, sales and customer service. eRate looks after the rest.

Your next smart move
It is widely held that only disruptive newcomers have the power to break open or transform an established business sector. We believe the real change-makers are smart insiders. Do you want to make your next smart move? Let’s arrange a meeting to discuss how we can work together to create added value.

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