Can we help you?

Whether your business is large or have complex transaction volumes, then the answer is “Yes”. eRate Billing & CMS (Customer Management System) fully integrates with a wide number of third parties and can be used to manages all aspects of a customer relationship, from customer registration to final invoice to the customer. Read about eRate Billing & CMS »

Power Suppliers

Erate AS has successfully passed the Statnett Type Approval Test (TGT – Typegodkjenningstest) as an EDIFACT System Provider for power suppliers in the Norwegian power market. This allows eRate to offer its highly flexible and dynamic invoicing solution to current power, or those with the aspiration to become, power suppliers. This, allied with, the integrated customer management system provides a “one stop system shop” for power suppliers allowing them to focus on products and marketing while providing them with the speed of response to lead the way into new market trends. Read about Power Suppliers »

Mobile services

Irrespective as to whether you are established MVNO, are considering offering mobile services as an extension to your existing portfolio or you are a start-up looking to enter the market as a mobile services provider, eRate can help. If you want to offer mobile, fixed telephony, mobile broadband, VoIP, M2M communications and/or broadband then eRate is the partner of choice. The Billing & CMS is of course adapted to the detailed demand of the wide range of telecommunications services.

eRate offer services to anyone Mobile Network Operator (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) or Service Provider. Read about MNO, MVNO, Service Provider »