Power Suppliers

In October 2016 all power customers will be managed through the introduction of the Elhub solution and by the end of 2018 they will be migrated onto an advanced measurement and management system (AMS). These 2 key step are the largest modernization of electricity provision in Norway for over 100 years. Adapting to these exciting innovations offer usage control and product opportunities to both customers and Suppliers.

Power industry reflecting Telecom

The power industry is moving to a methodology of creating and distributing its customer usage which closely reflects the Telecom Market. eRate, with its long experience in the Telecoms Market, can help power suppliers to create new and innovative products exploiting the availability of detailed and accurate user information. This allows eRate to give power providers a competitive advantage in this new era of power supply.

eRate gets Power Industry Accreditation

Erate AS has successfully passed the Statnett Type Approval Test (TGT – Typegodkjenningstest) as an EDIFACT System Provider for power suppliers in the Norwegian power market. This allows eRate to offer its highly flexible and dynamic invoicing solution to current power, or those with the aspiration to become, power suppliers. This, allied with, the integrated customer management system provides a “one stop system shop” for power suppliers allowing them to focus on products and marketing while providing them with the speed of response to lead the way into new market trends.

eRate Billing & CMS (Customer Management System)

eRate Billing & CMS facilitates the running of a business with large or complex transaction volumes. It’s a full -featured system for billing and an effective real-time tool for customer relationship and customer service management. It is designed to allow quick integration to a wide range of third parties. Read more about eRate Billing & CMS »

Advanced metering systems (AMS)

Net Owners are responsible for ensuring all Norwegian electricity customers AMS meters installed by 1 January 2019. Net Owners are also responsible for the registration of customers and collection of meter readings.

Invoice based on actual usage

Advanced metering systems (AMS) records power consumption on an hourly basis and that information is sent automatically to the network. The collection of these readings are faster, more accurate and the customer invoice will be based on actual usage rather than estimations.