MNO, MVNO, Service Provider

Irrespective as to whether you are established MVNO, are considering offering mobile services as an extension to your existing portfolio or you are a start-up looking to enter the market as a mobile services provider, eRate can help. Do you want to offer mobile, fixed telephony, mobile broadband, VoIP, M2M communications and/or broadband then eRate is the partner of choice.We offer a comprehensive solution with a wide range of telecommunications and network services – all with your desired branding.

We provide economies of scale from day one

Our agreements with ISPs provide economies of scale from day one this allied with our technical experience and knowledge provide you with access to a braod spectrum of services to sell from the outset, facilitating quick profitability. We are a trusted partner handling the monitoring and troubleshooting of network services, in conjunction with the network provider, to ensure your daily operations.

eRate enables sales of mobile services

eRate MVNE enables sales of services which may not be possible without a partner. eRate Billing & CMS fully integrates with a wide number of third parties and can be used to manages all aspects of a customer relationship, from customer registration to final invoice to the customer. The system is of course can be adapted to the detailed demand of the wide range of telecommunications services.
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Customized cost curve

Our cost curve follows the customer’s growth making it easier for start-up companies, no major investments in systems and resources. eRate Billing & CMS (Customer Management System) developed with your customer brand and logo handles everything in the billing process and customer cycle. eRate also supplies SIM cards with the desired design / logo.
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