erate-mobildatatrafikk-okerThe new Ericsson Mobility report shows that mobile data traffic continues to grow. Mainly it is the number of subscriptions to smartphones that increases mobile data usage. The general trend with video viewing on mobile devices results in more consumed mobile data.

Data traffic will increase ten times

The use of mobile data traffic varies between countries, regions and operators. Globally it has increased by 50 percent between the third quarter of 2016 and the third quarter of 2017. The report estimates the data traffic per smartphone in Western Europe to increase up to 22 GB per month in 2022. And a consumption of 25 GB is assumed over the next six years in North America. This will be a tenfold increasing of mobile data of today usage.

Video traffic will increase by 50 percent

There is an expectation that video traffic will increase by 50 per cent per year. In 2022 this will be almost 75 per cent of all mobile data traffic.
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