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eRate MobiloperatøreRate is a business enabler with the platforms and traffic agreements you need to become a mobile operator. We support most of the mobile operators in the Norwegian market. eRate can supply all or part of the value chain. Our platforms meet tomorrow’s customer requirements and give eRate’s partners access to Telenor’s mobile communications network. eRate delivers solutions both to mobile start-ups and to established mobile operators. We provide Solutions as a Service, while simplifying and cost-optimising the value chain. eRate makes it easy to bring new services to market.

Become a mobile operator in no time

If you want to become a mobile operator, eRate can quickly supply the services you need. You will be up and running as a mobile operator in just three to six months. If you are an established mobile operator but need greater flexibility to speed up the launch of new mobile services or create unique service bundles, eRate can help you do so quickly.

Better together

We see our clients as partners. If our partners don’t succeed, neither do we. For us, it is important to work together to create a competitive advantage and do what it takes to make our partners appealing to their own customers. eRate strives to strengthen our partners, whether you want help with the entire mobile operator setup or just parts of the value chain. Several well-known mobile operators are already eRate partners.

Tomorrow’s mobile operator must be innovative

eRate is constantly looking ahead and we can already combine products and services in innovative ways that a traditional operator may find hard to do because their systems are old and less flexible. We focus on creating new services that are relevant for end customers, in addition to enabling our partners, or other players, to engage in the development of innovative mobile services.

It is easy to become a mobile operator with eRate

eRate provides a complete, cloud-based platform for all our partners’ services. All our partners have to do is take care of sales, marketing and customer service. eRate provides everything you need to satisfy tomorrow’s mobile customers. We provide customer sign-up, My Page, apps and administration portals. Our advanced billing engine enables you to easily bundle products and services, which provides economies of scale and scalability.

Bundling boosts customer loyalty

At eRate, we believe that adding mobile services to a company’s core business offering boosts customer loyalty. Competition is becoming increasingly tough, and having more than one leg to stand on is a definite advantage. Many of eRate’s partners are mobile operators and sell mobile subscriptions in addition to their core businesses.

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eRate has enabled more than 50 per cent of the mobile operators in the Norwegian market to take this strategic step.
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