Create your own services

eRate Lag egne tjenestereRate’s partners benefit greatly from our flexible platforms which facilitate innovative bundling. We can combine products and services in a way that is impossible for traditional mobile operators. When you offer customers relevant mobile services in addition to services from your own core business or third-party products, it builds customer loyalty.

Go-to-Market fast

We mobilise quickly to ensure our partners can bring new products and services to market fast, or respond rapidly to changes in the market. eRate prioritises creating a competitive advantage for our partners.

Competitive mobile services

At eRate, we know how to process our partners’ data in ways that give them the insight they need to adjust their current offering or create new products and services. Our flexible platforms, analyses and highly skilled developers enable our partners to adjust their market offering and provide their customers with innovative and attractive mobile services.

Innovative services

eRate is setting up an MVNO arrangement that will make it even easier to develop new and innovative services. All our partners will be able to develop services on this unique platform, which will make it even easier to offer end customers new and exclusive services.

Curious to learn how you can create customer benefits through smart bundling?

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