Differentiation through bundling

eRate Bundling differensiererNowadays, many end customers consciously choose the vendor who gives them the best customer experience. When they discover a better deal in the market, or the service does not match their expectations, they quickly switch to a new one. Vendors need to have more than one leg to stand on to stay attractive for their customers. Companies must differentiate themselves to maintain the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones. eRate has the tools to make this happen.

Growing customer base

Mobile subscriptions and services are something everyone relates to. Many of our partners have chosen eRate’s services to be able to offer mobile subscriptions in addition to their core business. A mobile subscription can be offered as an exclusive added benefit to existing customers or sold in the general market. In eRate’s view, this will result in more loyal customers, while boosting the overall customer base because the company is perceived as more attractive in the market.

Reduce churn and reinforce the brand

At eRate, we believe that bundling reduces churn and increases brand awareness. A satisfied and loyal customer base will attract new customers because the vendor stands out from their competitors and has something relevant to offer the market.

Are churn and customer defections a headache for your company?

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