Financial benefits

eRate Økonomiske fordelereRate provides a complete mobile operator setup and handles all the background systems. Our partner’s image is the one facing the market, while eRate is the enabler working behind the scenes. This means that all end-customer revenue goes straight to the mobile operator, who only needs a few resources to perform customer service, marketing and sales. Setup costs are low, since eRate offers a Pay as you Grow concept. Our partners also benefit from the economies of scale we can provide through volume discounts.

Lower costs with a cloud-based solution

Using a cloud-based solution means that many costs are eliminated or substantially reduced. At the same time, the mobile operator benefits from not having to run hardware or software systems on site. Our service is always available.

Increased top line

Our mobile operator partners decide for themselves which products and services they wish to offer in the market and at what prices. Over and above a company’s core business, mobile services can be used for cross-selling or upselling, generating increased revenues and increased net profits.

Economies of scale

All the mobile operators that eRate enables benefit from the economies of scale that we can offer. Our platforms are flexible and can be scaled up and down as required. eRate always has developers working on the latest services in the market, and it never takes long to adjust existing services or create new ones. That ensures a fast Go-to-Market for our partners.

Interested in becoming a mobile operator?

Let’s arrange a meeting to discuss how we can work together to create a forward-looking mobile solution that is tailor-made for you.

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