IoT and M2M

Communication between machines, known as M2M or IoT, has slightly different value chains to traditional mobile telephony. Mobile operators are only one part of a larger value chain. They ensure that data is transferred between machines. As a rule, the value experienced by the end customer is created by some other company. Systemising the data that passes between machines gives the systems’ users the data or insight they are looking for.

Customer value is created by interconnected services

In Norway, there are many small companies that feed their own systems with data collected from a machine via the mobile phone network. They are often niche or segment-specific businesses. What creates value is the sum of the product, the service and the communication. Separately, none of the parts creates as much value.

Dedicated mobile operator for M2M and IoT

eRate enables you to become a mobile operator offering dedicated network subscriptions for M2M or IoT. Whether you want to use NB-IoT, LTE-M or 4G to transfer the data, we will tailor the service to your needs. If you are not big enough by yourself, you could join forces with other companies that offer their own solutions and establish a joint operator. This gives you all a shared communications platform and individually tailored subscriptions, as well as control of the value chain for your own products and services.

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