Tomorrow’s mobile operator

eRate Fremtidens mobiloperatøreRate enables both new and established mobile operators to thrive in a constantly changing market. We know the telecoms sector through and through, and provide our partners with a unique level of expertise as they enter the market.

How to be a commercially successful mobile operator going forward

End customers want Self-Service Portals and expect automated processes that make their customer experience and customer journey unique. eRate acts as a professional and innovative enabler for mobile operators, providing services that meet these end customer requirements. Our systems handle the entire value chain, so that our partners can concentrate on the marketing and sale of the products we make available, such as special subscriptions, corporate networks, My Page and apps. We enable our partners to focus on what they do best.

Differentiated mobile services

New entrants to the market can offer mobile services to distinguish themselves from their competitors. These may be mobile services combined with their own core products, or mobile services combined with other products and services supplied by third parties. This creates a competitive playing field and makes you an attractive vendor. Whether you use service bundling, pricing strategies or other price models to stand out in the market, we provide opportunities that help our partners become the end customer’s preferred supplier. Customer loyalty increases and your company becomes more attractive when you offer your customers a bundle of different services at a better price.

Innovation is crucial

Constant development and innovation are crucial if you want to stay relevant for the end customer. eRate has both the expertise and the systems to help our partners understand and use their own customer data to create new products and services – or make adjustments to existing ones. We speedily deliver what our partners decide to launch onto the market. Our flexible platforms give us a unique ability to help our partners to stay at the forefront of developments.

eRate’s platforms are flexible

We strive to boost our partners’ competitiveness and give them a competitive advantage. eRate’s platforms and systems are not country-specific and can be connected to mobile networks in different countries. Third-party solutions can be easily integrated, creating good solutions for end customers. Despite all the opportunities our platforms afford, the logistics and customer service interface remains the same for the various channels our partners use. This means that our partners can deploy their resources efficiently, while offering market-leading and innovative services.

How can eRate help your company become a forward-looking mobile operator?

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