Mobile Services

eRate enables and facilitates the establishment of new brands in the mobile market. We offer a complete platform facilitating the entire value chain for sale of mobile subscriptions, mobile broadband and M2M subscriptions.

Virtual mobile operator

A mobile operator chooses its own brand name for their mobile services. The eRate value chain manages the entire customer lifecycle, so the mobile operator can focus on sales and marketing. We facilitate access to cellular and operate the solution.

From customer registration to final invoice

eRate Billing Management is fully integrated with all third parties and handles all aspects of the customer relationship; from customer registration to invoice distribution and collection.


eRate has extensive experience in telecom and facilitates system integrations for address and credit checks, web shops, banking, debt collection, print provider, reporting systems and network operators.

eRate facilitates

• Access to mobile network
• Full integration with network operators
• Number porting
• Pricing, billing and invoicing of end users
• Integration with billing and debt collection partners
• Solution for customer management
• Signup (web solutions)
• My Page, Mobile App and Point of Sale (POS)
• SIM Card with design and logo