MVNE – – Mobile Virtual Network Enabler

eRate MVNE
eRate is an MVNE – Mobile Virtual Network Enabler. We facilitate and enable sales of mobile services as an operator via ISP, MNO – Mobile Network Operator.

Mobile services and eRate Billing Management

eRate customers benefit from our network agreements and economies of scale. We offer mobile services, fixed telephony, mobile broadband, IP-telephony, M2M communications and broadband. In addition to our telecom services, we offer eRate Billing Management.

Ensuring daily operations

eRate makes it easier to start selling mobile services, both in terms of costs and start-up time. We are a solid partner ensure your daily operations and delivering of network services by handling monitoring and troubleshooting of the network provider (ISP).

Agreements in Norway and Sweden

eRate has so far established relationships with ISPs in Norway and Sweden, and offer a complete mobile product in both countries.

Become a virtual mobile operator

eRate does all provisioning, activation/changes in the mobile network and deliver SIM cards with each customer’s own branding. We have our own operator code and handle everything regarding number porting and other processes related to the operation of a virtual mobile operator. Our customers can therefor stay focused on sales and marketing – while we provide the rest.