SIM Cards

eRate SIM-kort
eRate supplies SIM cards for all mobile services, whether there is a need for call, mobile broadband or M2M communication. Our customers can design their own SIM cards. We offer all formats and standards of SIM cards available in market.

Mobile services

eRate SIM cards provide access to services such as Bank ID, Voice over LTE and Visual Voicemail. We also offer SIM cards with additional services such as dual SIM and data SIM. eRate, with preferred partners, offer a full solution for distribution of SIM cards, which is fully integrated with eRate Billing Management.

SIM card to M2M

SIM card used in machines and other equipment often requires other properties than SIM cards designed for telephones. There can be a need of increased robustness in relation to temperature, vibration and corrosion. eRate supplies various SIM cards for these types of use. For equipment using only data communications, for example payment terminals, we recommend M2M cards.

SIM card to AMS

AMS, advanced metering and management systems, supports communication via GSM and can therefore send and receive mobile data traffic. eRate offers M2M SIM cards to grid operators and installers of AMS.