eRate MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler)

eRate enables and facilitates the creation of new brands in the telecom industry. We offer economies of scale from our established network agreements to all our telecoms customers.

Do you dream of mobile services under your own brand name?

A dream may soon become a reality for those with the ambition to be operators in the telecom market. eRate offers a solution which allows you to sell the full range of telecommunications and network services, under your own brand name. With a cost curve that follows the company’s growth, we make it easier for start-up companies, bypassing major investments in systems and resources. eRate Billing & CMS (Customer Management System) and a Brand Name and Logo is all you need. The system handles everything in the integration to the network, billing process and customer cycle. We also supply a SIM card with the desired design/logo.

eRate network agreements and economies of scale and secure delivery

We have established agreements with ISPs that provide economies of scale and a quicker route to profitability. It is also our responsibility to monitor and troubleshoot network issues with the network provider, thus ensuring your daily operations. Access to our agreements is therefore a good option even before considering the requirement to fund a separate agreement.

Network services we facilitate

eRate is a facilitator for businesses that provide services within IT and telecommunications. We facilitate the following services:

• Mobile
• Fixed Line
• Mobile Broadband

• IP Telephony
• M2M Communications
• Broadband

Insurance against loss of valuable income

eRate Billing & CMS handle large volumes of transactions smoothly and have the tools to minimize all sources of error in the billing process. Everything from the input of data to the text on the invoice, we also provide reminder and debt collection features. The system recognizes missing customer data records continuously generates exception reports.

eRate facilitates success in telecommunications

eRate MVNE will be your partner and support through the entire process. We provide developed systems adapted to your needs. eRate MVNE allows you to focus on what is most important, namely sales and marketing of your new telecom and / or network services!

All you need to handle your new service

eRate MVNE enables sales of services which may not be possible without a partner. eRate Billing & CMS manages all aspects of a customer relationship, from customer registration to final invoice to the customer integrating to a range of third parties where additional functionality is required.

System customization for detailed demand of telecoms

Details such as the number of porting days, costs related to the breach of contract length and different rules for blocking subscriptions are examples of important parameters in telecommunications. Should an eRate customer specify that business customers have 7 days porting and private clients have 4 or breach of contract to cost 1500,- for private clients and 3,000,- for business customer, these are easily set up in eRate Billing & CMS.

Self Care solution

Via a self care solution, telecom customers can change personal details, see real-time consumption and private billing records. They can manage their subscriptions by ordering/terminate services, and export details as a pdf-/excel file. They can also inhibit or activate the SIM card.

Notification Services

Different alerts are easy to set up such as spending limits and reminders on an invoice. Spending limits is a useful feature for the end customer to better control monthly, weekly or daily consumption. The same function can be used to prevent abuse, fraud or limit impact of theft.

Illustration: All gathered in one single invoice with desired design.

The invoice – an important part of customer relationship

The invoice – an important part of your customer relationship
eRate Billing & CMS collects everything in a single invoice; calls made, SMS/MMS and data traffic as well as fixed costs such as monthly fees for fixed telephony, mobile telephony and/or broadband subscription. All are gathered in one straightforward invoice designed by you!

Expertise in telecom and system integrations

eRate Consulting has extensive experience in the telecoms market and facilitates system integration with address check providers, web shops, credit check partners, banking, debt collection, printing houses, reporting systems, the National Reference Database (NRDB) and network operator.