eRate’s Billing and Rating Platform enables mobile operators to create new business opportunities and boost their competitiveness. Most mobile operators have invested substantial sums in their own billing systems. Often, however, these systems allow little flexibility in the way products and services can be combined, and how quickly new bundles can be launched. This undermines the company’s competitiveness and there is little room for innovative products and services – and it takes too long to get to market.

More flexible and faster to market
With eRate, an operator can bundle a mobile subscription with third-party services. For the end customer, it will seem as though they all come from the mobile operator. This gives the mobile operator greater leeway to be innovative, without the billing system limiting what products and services they can create. Flexibility improves and new products can be launched more quickly.

New business opportunities
An established mobile operator must protect its brand and be careful about doing things that could have major consequences for revenues in its existing business model.

eRate allows mobile operators to test out new business models through new brand names, thus avoiding any risk to its reputation, existing brand or revenues. Examples include new subscriptions, unconventional bundles or joint ventures with other market players. With the new market channel, you can be innovative and test new products and services while incurring few risks. With a separate brand, you can concentrate on your core business and incorporate any successful innovations from the new brand at a later stage.

Fighting brand
The major mobile operators are often challenged by aggressive market newcomers. It can be hard for an established brand to respond robustly to such challenges because it can impact revenues and may not sit well with the company’s corporate image. One alternative is for the mobile operator to establish a “fighting brand” outside its own organisation. eRate can make this happen. We enable you to take a different stance in the market without risking your own brand, thereby protecting your core business.

Ready to create new opportunities?
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