eRate is pleased to announce that Atea is our new customer and strategic partner in the segments of large enterprises, publics and IoT. In addition to launch their own communication solutions, Atea also has a 17.5% ownership in eRate.

Innovation and stronger competitiveness

The new partnership will drive innovation and create good services for existing and new customers of eRate. “This will strengthen the challenges in the Norwegian mobile market,” says Ove Vik, founder and CEO in eRate AS. “It’s very good to have Atea as a strategic partner, an economically strong IT innovator. It will strengthen the competitiveness for our customers in the future”, Vik says.

eRate continues to grow in the Nordic mobile and energy market

eRate is a MVNE – Mobile Virtual Network Enabler and has for several years facilitated for new business in the telecom industry. The company provides fast and safe access to those who wish to establish brand names in the mobile industry with access to network agreements for mobile, fixed line, mobile broadband, IP telephony, M2M communications and broadband. eRate will continue further growth within the Nordic mobile and energy market.

Large mobile initiative from Atea

Atea has planned to launch a mobile service for a long time, explains Michael Jacobs, CEO of Atea Norway. By pursuing innovation and digitization, Atea will take the lead as the leading player in mobile solutions for the corporate market in the future. He draws attention to the massive emergence of internet-based devices and sensor technology, IoT devices, as a strong driver for Norway’s largest IT supplier now challenging the oligopoly of the corporate market. With eRate as a partner, Atea will be even better at innovation and product and service development, according to Jacobs.

Better competitive conditions for all challengers in the mobile industry

“eRate is pleased to be chosen as strategic partner of Atea in their mobile initiative. We are looking forward to the cooperation that will provide all challengers in the mobile market, all our existing and future customers, better competitive conditions with the innovation and product and service development we will get together, “concludes Vik.