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New wireless carrier: Google!

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  • 18. May 2015

LTE_4G_eRateThe internet giant Google has recently launched its own mobile phone network Project Fi in the US. Project Fi will automatically connect users to the fastest available service. Wi-Fi connectivity will switch between existing free hotspots and the US mobile data providers Sprint and T-Mobile. All the time enabling the users to get the best out of the available.

Best coverage 24/7

A new technology gives a better coverage by automatically connecting to the fastest available network, whether it’s Wi-Fi or LTE network from Sprint or T-Mobile. The technology switches between the two networks and all the open WiFi spots to serve you the strongest signal.

Payback for unused data

The service will cost users $20/month plus $10 per gigabyte of data used. For the unused data, users will get their money back.

MVNO for special invited

In the first place, the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service is only for special invited owners of Google’s own smartphone Nexus 6.

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