About eRate

eRate is a privately held company located in Oslo, Norway. The company has, since its inception in 2005, had positive and profitable growth. eRate has also been ranked in the Oslo’s Gaselle list for five consecutive years (2010-2014) for good economic results.

eRate Billing Management

eRate provides solutions and systems for billing and customer relationship management. We have expertise in billing and technical project management, and deliver complete solutions to professionals in many different industries. Our focus is streamlining and simplification of complex processes. eRate Billing Management collects all your data in one system; customer information, usage and invoice historic.

eRate facilitates mobile services

eRate enables and facilitates the setup of new brands in the telecom industry. Our customers benefit from already established network operator agreements and economies of scale. eRate facilitates network access for mobile, fixed telephony, mobile broadband, VoIP and M2M communication.

Economies of scale

eRate offers variable costs in line with the customer’s growth and complexity. Our advantage combine these with the delivery of competitive solutions.

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