About eRate

eRate is a Norwegian company that provides IT and mobile telecommunications services. We act as an enabler for companies wishing to become mobile operators, and support most of the mobile operators in the Norwegian market.

eRate’s core competence is in Billing and Rating. In fact, you could say it is part of the company’s DNA. It is this specialist expertise that provides the flexibility needed to create a competitive advantage for our clients when they challenge established players and industries.

eRate helps both new and established mobile operators

Companies become mobile operators through eRate in order to give themselves a competitive edge in their own business sectors. eRate provides all the necessary services and traffic agreements, for example with Telenor, so that our clients can focus on marketing, sales and creating a great user experience. eRate handles the whole process, from product development to the day-to-day running of billing and customer administration systems. That leaves the client free to establish their own brand and concentrate on their core business.

New opportunities for existing mobile operators

eRate help mobile operators to create new business opportunities and boost their competitiveness through eRate’s Billing and Rating platform. Mobile operators can test new business models under new brand names, without risking their reputations, brands or existing revenues. Innovations could take the form of new subscription plans, unconventional service bundles or joint ventures with other market players.

eRate sets up the entire power sales process for our partners

eRate also enables clients to become power retailers. In May 2019, the energy industry’s data hub, Elhub, went into operation. This makes it much easier to sell power to end users and become an retailer of power. eRate sets up the entire power sales process for our clients, allowing them to concentrate on sales and marketing to their end users.

A rapidly growing company

eRate was established in 2005. Since the start eRate have had significant growth and was appointed as a “Gazzelle” Company five years in a row. We serve clients throughout the Nordic region, but our main focus is in Norway. The company is owned by Stykket Holding AS, Atea AS and its own employees.

Headquartered at Helsfyr in Oslo, the company has a staff of 24. In 2018, eRate posted gross revenues of almost NOK 370 million.

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