Gazelle Company

eRate has since its inception in 2005 seen positive and profitable growth which is highlighted in recent successive five years eRate’s inclusion on the Gazelle List of Oslo.

Gazelles are growing quickly and profitably

We are very proud that eRate, for the fifth consecutive year, is once again included on the list of Gazelle Companies in Oslo. The Gazelle Lists, is a list of those companies that are showing sharp and profitable growth. The key criteria of the list include that a company has doubled its revenue in the previous four year period, has been profitable and avoided any annual reduction in revenue.

Good prospects

eRate continues the positive trend with growth in revenue in 2014. Maybe we also will secure inclusion on the Gazelle list for 2015. These results are confirmation that we have delivered the right products and the right quality, which is reassuring for both our customers and employees.

Gazelle Enterprises need:

• Approved accounting processes
• As a minimum the doubling of revenue over the last four years
• Revenue of over one million NOK in the first year
• Positive operating profit
• Avoided negative growth