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This privacy policy describes how eRate AS collects data on and by signing up for our newsletter. For our customers we refer to the individual data processing agreement signed by eRate and the customer. Contact your system administrator for more information. We treat all personal information confidentially.

Visiting our website

We do not collect any personal information when you visit our website. uses cookies that are small text files that the website stores on the user’s computer. We use this to give users the best experience when visiting our website. The cookies also measure traffic so eRate can create better and more relevant content for everyone who visit the website.

Cookie settings
Most browsers have default settings to approve the use of cookies. It is easy to change this in the browser settings, but it is important to remember that this may cause some websites not to work as intended. How to manage cookies »

Analytics tools uses Google Analytics to analyse the user pattern of those who visit the website so we can make the site easier to use. eRate anonymizes the user’s IP address before the information is stored and processed by Google. The anonymous IP address can therefore not be used to identify the individual user.

The statistics we use show how many people visiting the different pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites users come from and what kind of browsers they are using.

Google Privacy Policy
The information collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google servers in the U.S. The information Google receive is subject to the Google Privacy Policy »

Keywords used in the search field on

eRate stores information about which keywords are used when searching on The stored information is used to improve the search functionality. We only collect keywords and number of searches, not information about users.

Newsletter signup

We use MailChimp as our tool to generate and distribute newsletters. MailChimp provides statistics regarding opened newsletters and link tracking.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we have collected your user information in accordance with your consent to subscribe. If you wish to unsubscribe for this service, please click here »
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