eRate and Working Group Two, WG2, have signed an agreement where WG2 will be eRate’s partner for a mobile core network delivered as a service. The agreement allows eRate to expand its offer from billing and customer handling systems to include a customizable and programmable mobile core network. This will allow eRate’s customers to develop their own products and services for their end-users.

eRate and WG2 are both aiming to radically enhance the pace of innovation in the mobile industry. Both parties have ambitions to create products and services that give subscribers – consumers and business users alike – increased use of their mobile subscriptions.

Providing market place for developers
The co-operation will also open a platform for third parties to build products and services for customers of eRate. This attempt to create a product and eco-system across operators, borders and networks is new to the industry, and both parties are excited about the prospects of together providing a market place for developers.

Turbo-charging innovation
“eRate serves both IoT, m2m, consumer and business markets. With a strong set of partners and brands, we look forward to turbo-charging innovation in this market and competitiveness for eRate and eRates customers through the WG2 platform. WG2 is a perfect partner for eRates existing and future plans” says Ove Vik, CEO of eRate.

Ambition to create differentiation for its customers
“eRate has a strong ambition to create differentiation for its customers, across segments, geographies and networks. This is an ambition we share, and eRate becomes an important partner to create strong future players that want to compete with new products and services” says Erlend Prestgard, CEO of WG2.

About WG2
WG2 makes it easier to become a mobile operator and aims to 10x the innovation capacity in the mobile telecom industry. WG2 is developing a software layer laid across radio networks that opens the underlying capabilities of the networks to developers and enables products and services to work across networks. To give access to the necessary resources WG2 have built a full-stack mobile core network that has been built to be cloud-native.

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