Power companies

eRate can handle the billing process and the entire technical value chain for power companies. We take care of all data collection from the Norwegian power industry’s data hub, Elhub, and any other third parties. Our partners avoid spending time following up the billing process and can reallocate the released resources to business development or other sales-promoting initiatives. All our partners have to do is take care of sales, marketing and customer service.

Better together

We see our clients as partners. If our partners don’t succeed, neither do we.

Become an innovative power company with eRate

Innovation, combined with eRate’s flexible, modern systems, facilitates new and exciting services for end customers in today’s conventional power market. eRate offers a wide range of services, most of which are new to the power sector. We make it possible to create different price plans for different customer groups, company-specific power subscriptions, Self-Service Portals and digital payment solutions. Our flexible platforms are easy to integrate with other systems and suppliers, so that third-party products can be bundled together with the purchase of power.

Give customers benefits and win customers’ loyalty

For customers, bundling (selling different services as a package deal) is perceived as advantageous when the offer is relevant, either due to its price or availability. Power companies that focus on more than just price are more attractive to end customers. Offering existing power customers a bundle of benefits boosts customer loyalty. Offering products and services that are in demand will also attract new customers.

Free up resources for development and innovation

Why spend time doing something you don’t have to do? eRate automates routine tasks and manages the technical value chain for our partners, so power companies can focus on using their resources to create value.

Integration with other systems

eRate continuously collects consumption data from the Norwegian data hub Elhub, creates draft invoices and present the data for our partner in a preferred way. If our partners have agreements relating to single-invoice solutions or other agreements with third parties, we obtain the information from the grid owner and/or third party concerned. We can also integrate our platforms with partners’ banks and debt collection partners, so that payment information is also updated.

Self-Service Portal

Availability, insight and functionality are important for end customers. They want information and the ability to do changes in their customer relationship when it suits them. eRate’s Self-Service Portal is always available online or via a mobile app.

How can eRate help make you a forward-looking power company?

Let’s arrange a meeting to discuss how we can work together to turn our platforms into value-adding, forward-looking opportunities.

Vidar Myrer, Mobile: +47 408 00 090, Vidar(at)eRate.no
Henning Thoresen, Mobile: +47 926 38 100, Henning(at)eRate.no