Automate routine tasks

Why spend time doing things that you don’t have to do? eRate automates and manages the entire billing process and technical value chain for our power partners. Power companies can redirect their resources to value-adding tasks by letting us keep track of all the data, billing and Self-Service Portals. We supply payment solutions tailored to the end customer’s needs and supply our partners with the

Smart use of resources

eRate’s partners save a lot of time and resources after we help them automate routine tasks, allowing them to enjoy predictable costs and stable operations. Sources of error are eliminated and the resources released can be reallocated or diverted to work actively on development and innovation.

Reduced cost per customer

Power companies currently spend a lot of time and money on routine tasks, such as address checks, credit checks, printing, bank follow-up, debt collection and in reporting systems. These are tasks we can easily perform while at the same time reducing the cost per customer. eRate delivers Self-Service Portals that ease the load on customer support.

eRate takes care of all messages handling in the market process

eRate collects consumption data from the Norwegian power data hub, Elhub, creates a draft invoice, checks for discrepancies and communicates with the data hub in the event of any errors. In connection with agreements for single-invoice solutions, eRate takes responsibility to collect the necessary data from the relevant grid owner or other third parties.

With the help of APIs, data is exchanged between eRate and banks or debt collection companies. OCR files are uploaded to our system on a daily basis, ensuring that the end customers’ accounts payable are up to date. Automatic routines for payment reminders are established and lists of overdue customer accounts are created and sent to the debt collection company for recovery.

End customers want automated services

Self-Service Portals provide end customers with instant accessibility, insight and functionality. Such automated services enable them to see their billing history and alter their customer relationship whenever it suits them.

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