eRate handle the technical value chain, including billing

eRate collects data from the Norwegian power data hub, Elhub, and establishes effective billing processes that free up our partners’ time. eRate takes responsibility for the entire technical value chain, eliminating the need for partners to have their own infrastructure, software solutions and user licences.

The power company focus on just sales and marketing

Our objective is to help our partners so that they can concentrate their efforts on the marketing and sale of their own products and services, and offer a first-class customer experience to end customers. The help we give our partners encompasses a lot more than traditional systems suppliers offer their power customers today. All eRate’s partners have to think about is defining their products and services, marketing, sales, customer service and Go-to-Market strategy.

Being an eRate partner is easy

Historically, power companies have had only a few suppliers to choose between when they have been looking for a data collection and billing system. Power companies have had to manage their own setup, day-to-day operations and service. eRate makes the technical value chain and billing process a lot easier for power companies. Our partners don’t need to think about day-to-day operations, service and the updating of systems to accommodate new products and services. eRate takes care of all that.

From data collection to billing

eRate collects data from the Norwegian data hub, banks, grid owners (if required for single-invoice solutions) or other third parties. The collected data is processed in our systems, and draft invoices are calculated. In addition to the billing process and the technical value chain, we also supply Self-Service Portals for end customers, such as My Page, My Business and mobile apps. We can also integrate your company’s CRM system with eRate’s platforms through our open APIs.

Complete control made easy

eRate supplies a set of standard reports that meet our partners’ needs. For example, we set up reports that include invoice information, distribution channels and amounts sent for debt collection.

Multiple products on the same invoice

Our platforms are extremely flexible. Data can be collected from multiple sources, bundled into one product or service, or simply stated on the same invoice, depending on our partners’ needs.

Want to learn more about how eRate can help your power company with its billing process and the operation of its technical value chain?

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