Cloud-based value chain

Traditionally, power companies have taken care of the billing process and the technical value chain, including hardware, software and time-consuming routine tasks, locally. This is often not only expensive, but also resource intensive in terms of day-to-day operations, service and support, backup and security routines, upgrades, etc. eRate takes care of the entire technical value chain, including the billing process, using cloud technology, leaving our partners free to focus on more important things. Say goodbye to time spent on complex hardware solutions, outdated software and expensive service agreements!

Spend your time more productively with eRate

At eRate, we store all our data with Norwegian cloud service providers. Day-to-day operation, backup and upgrades are easily performed in the cloud, without any delay to our partners.

Cloud-based solutions are cost-effective solutions

Having the billing process and technical value chain in the cloud cuts out or reduces a host of different costs. eRate supplies no hardware that is expensive to buy, that takes up space or that must be operated manually on-site. Our service is always available in the cloud – anytime, anywhere. Our cloud-based service is extremely flexible and can be scaled up and down as required, without the need to upgrade any on-site hardware or software.

Ready to change the way you use your internal resources and make your life easier?

Want to make your power company more forward-looking and focus only on customer service, marketing, sales and development? Let’s arrange a meeting to discuss how eRate can take care of the billing process and the entire technical value chain for you.

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