Forward-looking power company

eRate can manage the entire technical value chain for power companies, including the billing process, and make it available in the cloud. This means that you don’t need to be involved in the practical details and can reallocate time and resources to other tasks. We ensure that power companies can benefit from a system that supports forward-looking products and services. Innovation combined with our operational services allows you to create new and exciting services for end customers in today’s conventional power market.

Forward-looking products and services

eRate’s flexibility and platforms make it easy to create different bundles of products and services for sale in the market. It is easy to integrate eRate’s platforms with other systems or vendors, so that you can offer third-party products in addition to electrical power. eRate has seen that customer loyalty increases when end customers are offered relevant bundles, such as power and mobile services in the same package.

Unconventional services give a competitive boost

Our flexible platforms make it easy to handle new products and services that can be tailored to various target groups. Younger customers have different needs and requirements than older customers. This includes self-administration and digital payment solutions. eRate offers these benefits in our extensive service portfolio. We can help you offer unconventional service combinations that will give you a competitive edge.

Create special subscriptions

eRate’s services allow power companies to structure subscriptions differently than conventional system suppliers. eRate’s partners can create their own power subscriptions. eRate collects data from the Norwegian data hub Elhub and NordPool, enabling our partners to set the prices they want to charge in the market.

Cost-effectiveness and flexibility with cloud-based solutions

eRate can manage the entire technical value chain for our partners and make it available in the cloud. As a result, power companies avoid the installation and support costs associated with hosting at a physical location. At the same time, the solution is always available for our partners – anytime, anywhere. eRate’s cloud-based platforms are cost-effective and scalable, cutting the cost per end customer. This cost-effective and flexible access gives our partners plenty of opportunity for innovation.

How can eRate help your company to become an innovative power company?

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