Integrates with any system

eRate’s platforms are flexible and can easily be integrated with other systems. This allows us to automate the bulk of the billing process and the value chain, and reduce duplication of work or manual processes. An extensive set of APIs makes it easy to integrate and exchange data with other systems.

eRate collects consumption data from several sources

eRate continuously collects consumption data from the Norwegian power data hub, Elhub, creates draft invoices and presents the data in business administration solutions. If our partners have agreements relating to single-invoice solutions or other agreements with third parties, we obtain the required data from the grid owner and/or third party concerned.

Updated user data in the CRM system

There are many different CRM systems that can easily be integrated with eRate’s platforms. Integration with Elhub ensures that the end customer information contained in the CRM system is always up to date. The actual customer registration process is simple, with automatic credit and address checks. Registration is quicker and easier for the customer or the customer service representative who registers the new customer. eRate also offers a “smart check” of potential customers.

Integration with banks and debt collection companies

Using open APIs, eRate’s platforms can be connected to our clients’ banking and debt collection partners. OCR files are automatically uploaded to our system and remittance files sent automatically to the bank. eRate sets up automatic routines for payment reminders, and we update details of accounts payable on a daily basis. This means that payment information on our partners’ customer records is always up to date.

Billing and reporting

Increasingly, consumers prefer to receive their invoices electronically. It is better for the environment, too. eRate can deliver invoices through different digital channels, or as a draft invoice to our partner’s billing service provider. We provide financial reports which constitute an important decision-support tool, enabling you to create or adjust products and services.

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