Payment solutions

The payment process can be made fast, easy and environmentally friendly. Offering a wide selection of payment options for customers strengthens a provider’s reputation in the market – and facilitates fast payments.

Payment solution that triggers sales

More and more payment solutions are coming onto the market. eRate offers the methods that end customers prefer. The power company’s payment solution could be a crucial factor in their choice of vendor.

Flexibility and digital payment solutions

Today’s customers demand flexible, digital payment solutions. They want the payment solution that suits them best. By offering several digital billing solutions rather than printed invoices, distribution is simplified, costs reduced and payment periods shortened. It is also better for the environment.

Faster and easier payments

When customers receive a digital invoice, the money arrives in your account faster because the actual payment process is quicker than with a paper invoice. It is also possible that more people remember to pay the invoice when it pops up on their mobile phone rather than arriving in an envelope by post.

Want to know more about the payment solutions eRate offers?

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