Product bundling boosts loyalty

eRate has a flexible platform that makes it easy to bundle products and services together or create package deals. This helps make our partners more relevant for their own customers. Bundling is a strong differentiator that gives a distinct competitive edge.

eRate creates opportunities

Traditional power companies only sell power to their customers. As a rule, that is due to limitations in their own systems. eRate has the platforms needed to handle the billing process and the entire technical value chain for today’s power companies, at the same time as we enable your company to sell more products and services. Existing customers who are offered the chance to purchase an exclusive bundle of products and services will perceive the power company as more relevant. When a power company has an offer that the market wants, its existing customer base will become increasingly satisfied and loyal, while also attracting new customers.

Multi-service invoices

In eRate’s experience, bundling boosts customer loyalty because people prefer having fewer vendors to deal with and like having multiple services combined in the same invoice. To create a loyal customer base, attract new customers and boost profitability, a number of our partners have given themselves more legs to stand on. They differentiate themselves from other vendors in the same business sector by combining their core products and services with mobile services, solar panels or other third-party services.

Is customer defection causing headaches for your power company? Do you want to combine power sales with other products?

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