eRate-logoeRate is looking for experienced IT project managers who will be responsible for multiple technology projects ranging from new customer platform integration, enhancing current customer deliveries to internal change management projects.

You will undertake all tasks in the project lifecycle, from project inception, initial analysis and business case generation – through detailed technical specification, development, deployment and handover to service management.

The project managers will be responsible for leading small development teams to deliver to cost, quality and time, while meeting the expectations of both internal and external customers, streamlining and simplify complex processes. Our technology platform is based on integration of standard systems such as CDRator, Oracle and Microsoft.

The roles report to the project portfolio manager in eRate.

Desired Skills and Experience

These are new positions in eRate and suitable for you who have experience in IT project management of software development teams. Graduate degree in IT or telecommunication -technology is highly preferred, together with a project management methodology qualification at practioner level or above. You must be fluent in written and spoken English.

Gazelle Company

eRate continues its growth demonstrated by its inclusion on the list of Gazelle Companies in Oslo since 2010. As an IT project manager in eRate you will have great independence, flexibility, influence and visibility in the further development of our business.

Highly qualified employees

You will work together with highly qualified employees, clients and technology partners. eRate is an informal organization with a strong and decisive management. We are located in modern premises at Helsfyr Panorama in Oslo.

About eRate

eRate provides billing and customer management solutions and the supporting systems. With our experience and expertise in billing aligned by our agile technical project management we supply complete solutions to professionals in many different industries, with a focus on streamlining and simplification of complex processes.

eRate offers an innovative variable cost model in line with customer growth and the complexity of the solution provided. Our own success is directly linked to the success of our customers and it is therefore in our interest to deliver the most competitive solutions.

eRate is a privately owned company located in Helsfyr in Oslo. From its start in 2005, the company has seen strong, profitable growth demonstrated by its presence on the Oslo Gazelle list since 2010.

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