eRate offers an up-to-date and flexible system that is fast and easy to update, enabling you to respond rapidly to changes in the market. Selling power with eRate as a partner makes a big difference to your customers. We enable you to provide more options than power retailers have offered their end customers up to now.

Choose an up-to-date vendor and get new products quickly to your customers
Because eRate never takes its eye off the ball, we have already adapted our extremely flexible Billing and Rating System to the power industry’s shared data hub – Elhub. Our partners are able to respond rapidly to changes in the market and new customer preferences. This is because our system is designed to enable the sale of tailored power products using different pricing strategies and models. Our partners offer a wider range of retail power products with a fast Go-to-Market model, which makes them more attractive to end customers.

Exciting power products with eRate
eRate makes it easy to set up tailored bundles of products and services, or unique offers that combine your own and third-party services in a single package. For example, you may sell a power subscription together with smart-house products, solar panels, electric vehicle charging points, etc. The end customer receives just one invoice, even though the bundle comes from multiple vendors.

Power sales with eRate could not be easier
Our cloud-based services free up our partners’ time and reduce their costs. Because eRate does not require partners to install any costly hardware, they avoid the trouble and expense of keeping it maintained and updated. Instead, all the data they need is freely available in the cloud, allowing them to work from wherever they want. This saves them both time and office space. We manage messaging back and forth with Elhub, the collection of other data, the billing process and everything else. All our partners need to think about is the marketing and sale of their products and services.

Ready to create added value?
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